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Helium Shortage- Its not just hot air

Ladies and gentlemen, A shortage of helium has been in the works for a while but is  finally here.  Naturally found by mining this element is not man made.  Because the gas is inert and has extreme melting and boiling points—both near absolute zero—scientists use it in cryogenics, high-energy accelerators, arc welding, and silicon wafer manufacturing.

Helium is a vital element for the industrial work force. MRI machines in the medical field especially are priority for it’s cooling purpose.  The Federal Government has issued a mandate to sell off helium listed under the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) jurisdiction. Those prices are unstable and will fluctuate based on original base prices set back in 196o. Bear Valley Rentals is working with vendors to keep the supply of helium on hand to accommodate this shortage.  Prices have increased and may continue based on availability.  Prospect of new mined sites may come online this year.

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